Travel down to Pirin Mountain, walk through the peculiar natural wonders of Melnik Pyramids. Visit Rhozen Monastery and a well-known local winery, explore the old Melnik, relax in the hot springs of Sandanski, see Rila monastery.  


01 SOFIA - RHOZEN MONASTERY - MELNIK - SANDANSKI Pick up from your hotel, head South West to the Struma valley - one of best wine regions in Bulgaria. Wine tasting in a famous winery and delicious local lunch on spot. Continue to Rhozen monastery – the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountains, one of the few medieval monasteries well preserved until today. We start our 2-hour walk to Melnik through Melnik Pyramids. Explore Melnik  - an appealing small village tucked beneath sandstone cliffs, and white stone houses with overhanging wood balconies. Transfer to Sandanski for ovenight.

02 SANDANSKI - RILA MONASTERY - SOFIA We spend some time in Sandanskia famous recreation centre in South-Western Bulgaria. Enjoy our hotel SPA services or take a walk in the beautifull pine park next to it. After lunch we head back to Sofia. On the way stop at Rila Monastery - the biggest in Bulgaria and one of Europe's oldest, UNESCO Site. This is a place for massive pilgrimage for people coming from all over the world. Full tour of the monastery including the museum. Transfer to Sofia.

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